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In the midst of the financial crisis, the news about Spain is bailouts, debt crisis, risk Premium and the banking crisis. Despite this situation, energetic new companies with exciting new products are appearing at a daily rate.

Spanish exports grew almost 20% between 2009-2013, the trade deficit has been drastically reduced, Spanish companies are pivotal in the development of the Panama Canal, the first high-speed train between Mecca and Medina, off shore wind farms in Scotland, the number 1 flight booking site in the world and even the weather station for the Curiosity Mars Rover. Ironically during the banking crisis, Santander bank was voted number 1 bank in the world.

Spain also is the number 1 country with installed solar energy and 4 with installed wind power.

Of course Spain is most famous for the sun and its golden beaches and the tourism industry is at an all-time high. Tourism revenue was up 14 % in 2011 and in 2013 the number of visitors was almost 61 million (in a country with a population of only 46 million) with an increase of nearly 6 % on the previous year. Indeed, Spain is second only to the U S A in holiday makers and tourism revenue, with visitors spending 58 billion euros in 2013, a record.

It is for these reasons that BUIC capital management has chosen to focus on the growing Spanish market and help to develop investment portfolios with its team of experienced experts.


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